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Chain Hoist With Trolley

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  • Dec
    Explosion-proof electric chain hoist hoisting chain manufacturing process

    The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a chain electric hoist. The chain of this electric chain hoist is made of G80 alloy steel, which is very tough. Do you know what kind of process is used to make such a chain? The lifting chain is made of 20M2 alloy steel, which is made with carbon fire tre

  • Dec
    Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of low headroom electric chain hoist

    Low headroom electric chain hoist is a special type of electric chain hoist. It is mainly used in special places. So what is the reason why low headroom electric chain hoist is used in special places? What are the advantages of combining it with a small car? The biggest advantage of the combination

  • Aug
    How to stop the 5 ton electric chain hoist in the air?

    Lifting equipment products are used to lift products. Due to emergencies, it is uncertain what kind of situation will be encountered in mid-air, and emergency braking may be required to prevent accidents. The 5-ton electric chain hoist can also be used for emergency stop. How can it be stopped? Star

  • Jul
    What are the specifications for the use of special explosion-proof electric hoists for chemical plants?

    In recent years, there have been more and more news about explosions in chemical plants, most of which are caused by frequent explosions caused by users failing to use the products in a standardized manner. The standardized use of electric hoists can ensure the smooth progress of the work and ensure

  • Jul
    How to drive the electric chain hoist reducer?

    The electric chain hoist geared motor is composed of a series of perfectly matched modular motors and gearbox configurations. The modular system allows us to use standardized components to manufacture parallel shaft geared motors, right-angle shaft geared motors and coaxial geared motors. The soluti

  • Jul
    What is the difference between a miniature wire rope electric hoist and a wire rope hoist?

    The miniature wire rope electric hoist we usually refer to refers to the miniature electric hoist, household electric hoist, because the wiring of this electric hoist is 220V household electricity, and 220V is our household electricity, which is generally used at home. The size of the wire rope hois

  • Jul
    What track does the 2 ton running electric chain hoist use?

    The 2 ton running electric chain hoist generally walks on I-beams and can also be used on gantry cranes. Generally, when more than 2 tons, we recommend that users use H-beams. In addition to I-beams and gantry crane beams, KBK rails can be used. KBK rails can be used in simple workshops or in comple

  • Jul
    How to avoid shaking problem when using small electric chain hoist

    When using small electric chain hoists, some users like to pull diagonally, tilt and lift, and don’t want to work hard to move heavy objects directly under the electric hoist. They always feel that diagonal pulling is okay, but they don’t know that this kind of harm is huge, of which the most seriou

  • Jun
    What are the accessories of the 3 ton electric chain hoist?

    3 ton electric chain hoist product is composed of a lot of scattered accessories. The parts are combined to form a complete product. If the operator wants to be fully familiar with a product, he needs to know the various accessories of the product. Yuxiong, to be very familiar, let's take a look at

  • Jun
    Which of the suspended variable frequency electric hoist or ordinary electric hoist consumes more power?

    Suspended variable frequency electric hoist refers to the electric hoist hung on the wage steel. It can walk left and right. The variable frequency double speed means that it can be fast, slow or fast. It has two speeds, while ordinary electric hoist motors are ordinary. It is also the speed of the




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