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  • Jun
    Pendant control of electric chain hoist

    Electric chain hoist is a widely used electric hoist. It drives the entire electric hoist to run through the motor, so as to realize the lifting and lowering of goods. handle switch button operation. So will you use the handle switch of the electric chain hoist? What are the precautions in the opera

  • Jun
    Industrial electric chain hoist hook chain and parts inspection

    1. Check the hookBecause the hook is located at the first and last positions of the electric chain hoist, it should be checked when it is used. When looking at it, it is mainly necessary to check whether the surface has cracks, serious wear, etc., and then check whether the radian is enough to preve

  • Jun
    Safety points of electric chain hoist

    There are many safety points for electric chain hoists, each of which is very important, so it requires extremely meticulous workers to operate. The workers need to be familiar with these points and be able to operate the electric chain hoist skillfully and correctly.The safety points of electric ch

  • Jun
    Common sense of motor use of electric chain hoist

    The electric hoist needs to use the motor to generate power to power it, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting heavy objects up and down. Although the electric chain hoist provides great convenience to our work, its safe use also requires us to always pay attention. Let's take a look at the common

  • Jun
    Four inspection contents of electric chain hoist system

    For the electric chain hoist we use, we need to check the system at a certain interval, and check the four items. We will give you a detailed introduction below. 1. Integrity inspection of components: This is a more important item in the inspection of electric chain hoists. Users can observe with th

  • Jun
    How to use the trolley type electric chain hoist in summer

    In summer, the electric hoist needs to avoid the motor of the running electric chain hoist from getting hot and cool down the electric hoist. 1: In normal use, you should try to choose a cool and ventilated environment to install the electric hoist, which is conducive to the timely heat dissipation

  • May
    How to judge the quality of electric chain hoist

    First of all, we have to look at the brand of the product. Generally, the more formal products have manuals and so on. Then there is the problem of the internal structure of the product. Many cheap products may be refurbished, and many parts are poorly used parts, so the cost must be very low, and t

  • May
    Does the running electric chain hoist need to be repainted after the paint is peeled off?

    Due to the environment in which the lifting equipment is used, the paint will inevitably fall off over a long period of time. After the paint falls off, should it be left alone or should the paint be repaired? Let's explain it below. 1: If the paint surface does not fall off, and the internal parts

  • May
    The operation test of electric chain hoist is very important

    The electric chain hoist manufacturer reminds you: the newly purchased electric chain hoist needs to do no-load test and load test, because the test before use can effectively see whether the electric chain hoist is in a normal state, so the electric chain hoist is in a normal state. The operation t

  • May
    Emergency measures for electric chain hoist crane

    1. When the electric chain hoist is used and there is a sudden power failure, personnel should be organized to protect the site, a prohibition sign should be set up around the work site, and relevant maintenance personnel should be dispatched to the site. 2. When the electric chain hoist is used, if




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