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  • Sep
    What is the clearance between the explosion-proof electric hoist sports car and the I-beam?

    Explosion-proof electric hoist sports car is a necessary trolley installed on the I-beam or track. It can ensure that the electric hoist can walk left and right. How long is the distance between the wheels of the electric sports car and the I-beam to ensure normal walking? Generally, it is 3mm-5mm.

  • Sep
    What is the difference between a small household electric hoist and an industrial CD1 wire rope electric hoist?

    The small household electric hoist is completely different from the CD1 wire rope electric hoist used in industry. The small household electric hoist is a 220V small electric hoist suitable for household use, while the industrial wire rope electric hoist is 380V used in industry. , The voltages used

  • Sep
    What are the reasons for the burning failure of explosion-proof electric hoist due to lack of phase?

    Some users reported that there was a lack of phase in the process of using the explosion-proof electric hoist, the control box wire was broken and loose, and then the contactor was burned. After repairing it, it burned again less than a week, and there was a problem over and over again. What is this

  • Sep
    The electric chain hoist must be tested for no-load operation before use

    Many customers think that a new electric chain hoist is not necessary for no-load test. The new electric hoist has the best performance. It will carry out a tensile tonnage test when it leaves the factory, and each performance test will only be passed after the test is qualified. After leaving the f

  • Aug
    Hook type electric chain hoist-model HHBB 0.5 tons

    The hook-type electric chain hoist is what we usually call the fixed electric chain hoist, that is, there is only one hook on the top without a sports car, as shown in the figure below, this is a 0.5-ton HHBB-style electric chain hoist, let’s explain it below Let's take a look at this electric chain

  • Aug
    How does the electric hoist of the bridge crane move?

    The bridge crane is generally horizontally framed on the workshop, fixed at both ends, and an electric hoist is hung on it to run left and right. Let’s take a look at how to move it in detail. The raising organization of the overhead crane is composed of raising motors, reducers, reels, brakes, etc.

  • Aug
    How to stop the 5 ton electric chain hoist in the air?

    Lifting equipment products are used to lift products. Due to emergencies, it is uncertain what kind of situation will be encountered in mid-air, and emergency braking may be required to prevent accidents. The 5-ton electric chain hoist can also be used for emergency stop. How can it be stopped? Star

  • Aug
    What to do if the explosion-proof electric chain hoist shakes during use

    The electric chain hoist cannot be kept stable every time when it is hoisted. It may shake. Some operators feel that it is okay. If the shake occurs, it is still in use. There may be no accidents. The user did not feel anything when using it, and was accustomed to this situation. In fact, this is ve

  • Aug
    Safety measures for replacement of 10-ton monorail electric chain hoist in air-conditioned cold water machine room

    A single-track electric chain hoist is not for permanent use. It has a certain technical content. How to disassemble, how to replace, every step must be very careful, and in strict accordance with the regulations and plans. 1: In the process of disassembly and assembly, the division of labor and col

  • Aug
    How to adjust multiple electric chain hoist clutches?

    The adjustment of the friction clutch of multiple electric chain hoists requires a detection device to check the friction. The internal structure of the electric hoist is very compact, but it has certain shortcomings: large length, large width, rough structure, low mechanical efficiency, and process




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