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What reason can cause electric chain hoist rust?

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1, when getting the electric chain hoist, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection. Because some manufacturers will place the electric hoist for a long time, there will be a lot of impurities into its interior, the manufacturer did not clean up resulting in corrosion of the surface of the electric hoist.

2, to see whether the purchase of electric chain hoist is produced by regular manufacturers, such as the purchase of irregular, surface paint may be fake and shoddy products, such paint will not be maintained for a long time, does not have corrosion resistance, and paint off behind the elevator will rust phenomenon.

3, in the operation is not careful to scratch the equipment so that the surface paint fall, or touch the water and not processed in time. This leads to the rusting of the equipment. So be careful not to bump it in the process.

4, whether it is cleaned and maintained after each operation, whether it is placed in a dry, ventilated place when not in use. This is the cause of rust of electric hoist.

If your chain electric hoist has rust in the process of use, it is recommended to exclude in the above ways.





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