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Installation and use of running electric chain hoist

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After the running electric chain hoist is purchased, we need to install it before using it for the first time. What are the precautions for the installation method and use of the electric chain hoist? The following is the introduction of electric chain hoist manufacturers:


① Newly installed or dismantled electric chain hoists should be tested empty for several times first. Before the installation is completed, it is strictly forbidden to power on and run. 

②When installing or debugging, it is necessary to strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. When the hook rises to the upper limit position, the distance between the hook shell and the drum shell must be greater than 50 mm.

③ Before use, a static load test should be carried out with 125% of the rated load, lifting about 100mm from the ground, and 10 minutes, and check whether it is normal. 

④Confirm whether the brake condition is reliable before use; adjust the stop module of the upper and lower limit positions. 

⑤ Before use, check whether the wedge is installed firmly and reliably. 

⑥ The electric chain hoist should be operated by a special person, and the operator should fully grasp its safety operation procedures. 

⑦The electric chain hoist should be inspected by a special person during use, and special attention should be paid to the condition of wearing parts. If a fault is found, the main power supply should be cut off immediately, measures should be taken in time, and careful records should be recorded.

⑧ During the use of electric chain hoist, sufficient lubricating oil must be maintained, and the lubricating oil must be clean and free of impurities and dirt.

⑨ When the electric chain hoist is used, it is strictly forbidden to ride on people, to stand under the lifting object, to lift it in a swinging state, or to lift objects connected to the ground.





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