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Should the crack of the electric chain hoist cable be replaced?

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Electric chain hoist is an electric power chain hoisting equipment. Because of the need for high-power power supply, electricity safety must be paid attention to. Handling the power cord of the chain hoist is a major point. If it is used for a long time, the insulating glue on the wire If the sleeve is cracked, then we should not use it and need to replace it in time.

Why should a cracked wire be replaced in time?

The insulating rubber sleeve on the outside of the power cord mainly plays the role of insulation and protection, which can prevent us from accidents caused by electric shock. For high-quality electric hoists, the insulating rubber cover on the surface is intact, and there will be no cracks;

If the power cord is frequently folded back and forth or severely rubbed during storage or movement, it is easy to cause cracks on the surface. At this time, we can't continue to use it, and we should stick the surface with insulating tape.

How to keep the electric chain hoist power cord?

We must take good care of the repaired power cord, otherwise the parts bound by the tape are prone to loosening. In addition, the electric hoist should be kept away from the water source as far as possible to prevent the leakage of electricity after the wire is wet, which will bring us potential safety hazards.

For the electric chain hoist that has problems, we must stop using it and pay attention to the safety of electricity use. We can continue to work only after the problem has been checked and completely solved.





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