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How to reduce the loss of electric chain hoist accessories

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Mechanical equipment has a service life, and so does the electric chain hoist. It will inevitably be damaged under accidental circumstances. Because the operation of the equipment has certain technical requirements, improper use will damage the equipment, but we can still Managed by certain repair methods.


In use, it is inevitable that due to improper operation, the electric chain hoist will be damaged to varying degrees, causing the damaged equipment to be discarded, which is very wasteful and can be repaired to reduce losses.


First check the main control circuit, and make sure to cut off the electrical wiring power supply of the electric chain hoist to avoid secondary damage to the equipment, pause the switch, start fretting, and carefully check the internal wiring and control equipment.


It was found that the motor terminal voltage of the equipment was lower than 10% of the rated voltage, and the goods could not be started and could not operate normally. In this case, pressure measurement must be performed using an exhaust gauge.


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