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Armenian customers visit to strengthen international business relations

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From April 16th to April 21st, 2023, a professional lifting equipment supplier, successfully hosted a visit from Armenia. The visit aimed to strengthen the business relationship between the two companies and explore new cooperation Chance.

During the visit, Armenian customer representatives visited the facilities of VOHOBOO. The visitors were impressed by the professionalism and hospitality shown by the VOHOBOO team, and expressed their interest in exploring potential partnerships in the future.

vohoboo customer visiting

VOHOBOO and Armenian customers had a fruitful meeting, discussing the current status and future trends of their industries, as well as potential areas of cooperation. The two companies identified several promising opportunities for joint projects and agreed to continue discussions to further explore these opportunities.

“We are delighted to host Armenian customers and demonstrate our capabilities and expertise in the lifting industry,” said vohoboo CEO. "Our discussions have been very productive and we look forward to exploring potential partnerships that will benefit both companies and contribute to the growth of our industry."

The visit of the Armenian client demonstrates vohoboo's commitment to building strong international relationships and expanding its global reach. By cooperating with international partners, vohoboo can stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to provide innovative solutions to its customers.

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