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  • Jan
    What should I do after the electric chain hoist is used?

    What should I do after the electric chain hoist is used? After asking this question, I think a lot of people answer it casually, can't we just throw the lifting equipment aside after using it? Or just put it aside. I think most people do this. In fact, this is a very bad behavior. If you want the eq

  • Jan
    What protection measures must be taken in the control circuit of electric chain hoist?

    The control circuit of electric chain hoist is composed of circuit breaker, contactor, transformer, terminal block, control handle button, thermal relay, wire, slide wire and other electrical components. The following protection measures must be taken in the control circuit: 1. Undervoltage protec

  • Jan
    What is the cause of the heating of the electric chain hoist motor?

    During the use of the electric chain hoist, the motor may have obvious heating phenomenon, and the motor may be damaged when the motor heats up seriously. After the motor is put into operation, it is normal for the temperature to rise, but if the motor heats up too much, it cannot be ignored. It is

  • Jan
    The similarities and differences between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running hoist

    What are the differences and connections between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running electric chain hoist? These two types of electric hoist have a lifting weight specification between 0.5-80 tons, safe and easy to use and maintain, only one is equipped with a walking electric sports

  • Jan
    Several major components of electric chain hoist

    Electric chain hoist, also known as electric chain hoist, is a relatively common type of lifting hoist, which has several types such as fixed type, running type, low headroom type, and two-speed. Generally speaking, the main components of electric chain hoists are divided into several categories. 1.

  • Dec
    What are the failures of the electric chain hoist brake

    The reliability of the brake of the electric chain hoist is directly related to the safety of people and equipment, so the requirements for its reliability are particularly high. However, there are many failures of hydraulic push rod brakes currently in use, and the main failure phenomena are:

  • Dec
    What are the requirements for the use of the multifunctional wire rope electric hoist?

    The multi-function electric wire rope hoist needs many functions to meet the special operation and ensure safer and more reliable in the lifting process. The broken jade wire rope electric hoist has the following points 1: We have all the functions of ordinary wire rope electric hoist. 2: Lifting he

  • Dec
    How much is md1 single and double speed wire rope electric hoist hoist?

    MD1 wire rope electric hoist This electric hoist has two speeds, with two speeds, fast and slow, so how much can this electric hoist lift? The normal speed of this electric hoist is (8m/min) and slow (0.8m/min). The lifting speed is very stable. It is especially used at slow speed and precise proces

  • Dec
    Explosion-proof electric chain hoist hoisting chain manufacturing process

    The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a chain electric hoist. The chain of this electric chain hoist is made of G80 alloy steel, which is very tough. Do you know what kind of process is used to make such a chain? The lifting chain is made of 20M2 alloy steel, which is made with carbon fire tre

  • Dec
    Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of low headroom electric chain hoist

    Low headroom electric chain hoist is a special type of electric chain hoist. It is mainly used in special places. So what is the reason why low headroom electric chain hoist is used in special places? What are the advantages of combining it with a small car? The biggest advantage of the combination




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