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  • Jan
    Description of lifting weight and turning radius of wire rope electric hoist

    Wire rope electric hoist is a small lifting hoist, fixed type and running type, installed with manual sports car or electric sports car, can move left and right on single beam crane, gantry crane, simple gantry, cantilever crane, and can also be used in modern factories in addition to independent us

  • Jan
    Hand chain hoist for lifting machinery

    Lifting machinery is a lifting and transportation equipment that reduces heavy physical labor, improves work efficiency, and realizes safe production. In the production and circulation of materials in various sectors of the national economy, chain hoists are widely used as a key process design or im

  • Jan
    Summarize the hanging method of the sling

    When using slings to cooperate with the hanging operation, in addition to wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety helmets and safety belts, you should also pay attention to the following matters: 1. The sling should be in the center of the hook. 2. The tension on the sling

  • Jan
    Explain what types of cranes are included?

    Lifting machinery can be divided into three categories: light and small lifting equipment, cranes and lifts according to their working methods.Light and small lifting equipment mainly refers to hoisting machinery with only one lifting device, including jacks, tackles, electric hoists, manual hoists,

  • Jan
    What are the precautions for single beam cranes

    (1) Each crane hangs a sign with its rated capacity in an obvious place.  (2) During work, no one is allowed on the bridge or transporting people with hooks.  (3) No crane is allowed to drive without an operating license and drink.  (4) Concentration, no talking, smoking or doing irrelevant things d

  • Jan
    Do you understand common senses of cranes?

    VOHOBOO is a large-scale equipment manufacturer engaged in cranes and cranes. Recently, we have received some inquiries from customers, many of which are related to common sense questions about cranes. Now we will give you a unified introduction to common sense about cranes.Ordinary overhead cranes

  • Jan
    Gantry crane maintenance

    The performance and life of each mechanism of the gantry crane largely depend on lubrication. Check the crane hook and wire rope to see if there are broken wires, cracks, and serious corrosion, and clean and lubricate them.Every month, check the pulley block, drum and pulley to determine whether the

  • Jan
    Features of KBK track

    1. Good reliability and high stability. All the components of the KBK track system are standard modules, which can ensure mass and high-quality production. The main body of the system module is three standard cold-rolled profiles with high strength, good rigidity and light weight. , To ensure the st

  • Jan
    Brief introduction of explosion-proof electric hoist lifting mechanism

    The lifting mechanism of the explosion-proof electric hoist is the explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, which is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, coupling, reducer, transmission shaft, reel, wire rope, hook group, limit switch and other components.The explosion-proof motor is BZD type

  • Dec
    Harm of using explosion-proof hoist with overload

    The manual hoist has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, convenient carrying, safety and reliability, long service life, and small lever force. The manual hoist can perform lifting, traction, lowering, calibration and other operations. If equipped with a special device, no




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