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The working principle of electric chain hoist

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Everyone is familiar with electric chain hoists. Today, I will explain the knowledge about electric chain hoists. What is the working principle of electric chain hoists? The electric chain hoist is widely used in work, and it also helps the staff to solve many work problems. The electric chain hoist operated by Hunting Crane adopts advanced manufacturing technology, the workmanship is very fine, and the body is made of alloy. Steel material, more durable, so what is the working principle of electric chain hoist?


Electric chain hoist is a kind of small hoisting equipment, mainly composed of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. Electric chain hoist needs to have certain environmental requirements during operation, and electric chain hoist is best protected from rain , In a dry environment, mainly to prevent the electric chain hoist from corroding and rusting, the reducer of the electric chain hoist adopts a three-stage fixed-axis helical gear structure, which is made of heat-treated alloy steel. The control box of the hoist can cut off the main circuit in an emergency, and a fire stopper is installed on the electric chain hoist, which ensures the safety of the electric chain hoist during operation. The motor of the electric chain hoist adopts a large starting torque conical rotor brake asynchronous motor, which has a larger load capacity.


The above is an introduction to the working principle of electric chain hoists. If you buy electric hoists, you can contact us at any time. It has been highly recognized by customers for many years, so you can buy with confidence. At the same time, high-quality after-sales service can relieve you from worries ,We look forward to working with you.





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