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Do electric chain hoists need to be inspected every month?

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In work and life, the electric chain hoist is a product that needs to be used every day, and it will bring unavoidable slight loss every day, so it should be checked every month, correct use and regular safety inspection of the electric chain hoist, It can not only ensure the safety of users, but also prolong the life of the electric hoist, so we start from the following aspects during inspection:


1. Check the chain: the chain has been worn out and deformed, the sprocket and the chain may not be engaged, the chain may be out of groove or broken, and the internal machine of the electric chain hoist will be damaged, so the following conditions must occur. Replace the chain in time.


① If the chain has serious wear and tear, it has reached the level of serious deformation.

② If the wear of a single chain ring exceeds 10% of the original, it should be replaced in time.


2. Clean up the debris in the limit switch part in time, and apply lubricating oil to check whether the screws in this part are loose.

3. Inspection of the reducer: the load capacity of the reducer is eight times or more than the standard lifting weight.

4. Hook: After the hook is used for a long time, the opening will increase due to excessive force. If it is not replaced in time, it may cause the danger of heavy objects slipping.


After we use the electric chain hoist, we should check it once a month to ensure that the electric hoist can be used normally and safely. The basic inspection every month is the premise of ensuring safe construction. We should all develop the habit of regularly checking products.





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