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Can we disassemble the trolley type electric chain hoist ourselves?

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In the process of using a running electric chain hoist, it is inevitable to encounter problems, such as the problem of chain knots, the average person will feel that this problem is very easy to solve, only need to disassemble the cover to repair it inside, is this actually the case?


1: Unauthorized disassembly will bring different degrees of damage to the electric chain hoist, because the user does not have much disassembly experience, if unauthorized disassembly is easy to lead to damage to the electric hoist parts, not only affect the performance of the electric hoist, but also affect the normal use of the electric hoist.


2: If the internal parts of the electric chain hoist are disassembled, it may be improperly installed, resulting in the parts not being able to play normally, affecting the performance of use.


3: Unauthorized disassembly of the electric chain hoist will affect its performance, if it is used immediately after unauthorized disassembly, it will increase the incidence of danger, so it is recommended that you do not disassemble without authorization


In fact, it is not, unauthorized disassembly can easily cause some unnecessary damage, so be sure not to disassemble it yourself, use it safely.





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