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Pendant control of electric chain hoist

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Electric chain hoist is a widely used electric hoist. It drives the entire electric hoist to run through the motor, so as to realize the lifting and lowering of goods. handle switch button operation. So will you use the handle switch of the electric chain hoist? What are the precautions in the operation of the handle button?


1. The electric chain hoist adopts light and heavy-weight button control, which not only has the function of rainproof but also has sensitive response. The standard electric chain hoist operating handle voltage is controlled by low voltage of 24V-36V, and the low voltage can effectively protect the operator from being injured by clicking.


2. There are up and down buttons on the handle of the electric chain hoist. Just press the button lightly, and the chain hoist can start to work.


3. There are up and down buttons on the handle of the electric chain hoist. Press the button. If the hook moves up or down accordingly, it means that the power connection is correct and the electric hoist starts to work. can be pressed simultaneously. If the button is not released, the hoist starts to run continuously. If it is only pressed for a short time, the jog operation can be performed, and the slight movement of the electric hoist can be realized. Jogging is a frequently used operation method, here we need to pay attention not to continuously jog operation too fast.


4. On the control handle of the electric chain hoist (red mushroom head button), it can control the action of stopping the hoist in an emergency, which greatly improves the safety performance of the electric chain hoist. 

5.Correct and standardized use and operation of electric chain hoists can effectively improve work efficiency and increase the safety of operations. If your electric chain hoist has problems during use or users who do not know how to operate the handle switch, You can contact us, welcome your consultation!





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