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Company News

  • Apr
    Armenian customers visit to strengthen international business relations

    From April 16th to April 21st, 2023, a professional lifting equipment supplier, successfully hosted a visit from Armenia. The visit aimed to strengthen the business relationship between the two companies and explore new cooperation Chance. During the visit, Armenian customer representatives visited

  • Jul
    2022 VOHOBOO Enshi Team Travel

    On July 20, 2022, VOHOBOO started a 5-day group trip, the destination of this trip is in Enshi City, Hubei Province. Among them, the most impressive is the Enshi Grand Canyon. The canyon has a total length of 108 kilometers and an area of 300 square kilometers. It has been praised by Chinese experts

  • Jul
    2021 VOHOBOO Team Travel

    On July 9-11, 2021, the VOHOBOO international trade team launched a 3-day team tripWe visited the very shocking Hidden Water Cave in Hubei Province, China, and experienced the magic of nature. We went to the small town for a holiday, rafting, climbing, and unforgettable. Wuhan Vohoboo Import&Export

  • Apr
    VOHOBOO- 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF)

    On April 15-17, 2021, the 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) was held in Shanghai. Wuhan Vohoboo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition as a representative enterprise of Hubei Province.The exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, of which Hubei Provi

  • Nov
    Dec 4,2020 VOHOBOO livestream

    VOHOBOO Livestream coming soon!

  • Nov
    VOHOBOO live stream in NOV 24,2020

    VOHBOO live stream show will comming tomorrow!Beijing time:16:00-18:00, Nov 24, 2020PST time:00:00-02:00,Nov 24,2020Welcome to watch our Live-stream Online Trade Show at our Beijing Time 16:00-18:00 24th Nov. More discounts waiting for you pls Follow us first~

  • Sep
    VOHOBOO-Hong Kong Online Exhibition Ceremony

    On the afternoon of September 23, China time, VOHOBOO participated in the “Hubei Brands(Hong Kong) Online Exhibition”. This online exhibition is co-organized by the government department where VOHOBOO is located and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. The purpose is to promote the participation

  • Sep
    Vohoboo Super September Purchasing Festival Coming Now

    Item:Vohoboo Super September Purchasing Festival Coming NowDate:9.1-9.30,2020 PTWebsite: more order, the bigger discount!

  • Aug
    Vohoboo Lushan Mountain Travel

    From August 15th to August 17th, 2020, the sales department of Wuhan Vohoboo organized a mountain climbing tour and invited customers from Africa to visit our company for this tour. Two customers from Africa join us. We went to Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province, China. Mount Lu is 1475 meters abov

  • Jan
    VOHOBOO Vietnam Tourism

    On December 29, 2019, VOHOBOO's sales department set off for Vietnam, a beautiful seaside country, and began a 7-day vacation with panoramic views of the sea, food, and beauty.We completed our trip to Vietnam on January 4, 2020. VOHOBOO is an excellent supplier in the industry lifting equipments in




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