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chain hoist

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  • Nov
    5T gantry crane chain electric hoist remote control failure how to do?

    5T chain electric hoist remote control because it is external equipment, it will inevitably encounter the situation that failure when in use, then how to solve this situation? Now let's understand how this situation is caused. 1: Repeated use without timely maintenance, but the button temporarily fa

  • Oct
    Can we disassemble the trolley type electric chain hoist ourselves?

    In the process of using a running electric chain hoist, it is inevitable to encounter problems, such as the problem of chain knots, the average person will feel that this problem is very easy to solve, only need to disassemble the cover to repair it inside, is this actually the case? 1: Unauthorized

  • Aug
    Introduction of electric chain hoist handle control switch

    1. Scope of applicationIt is suitable for circuit control systems with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, voltage up to 380V, and DC working voltage up to 220V. It is suitable for open-air, rainy, snowy, dusty environments, such as remote control of cranes, electric hoists and other equipment. The product conforms to

  • Aug
    The working principle of electric chain hoist

    Everyone is familiar with electric chain hoists. Today, I will explain the knowledge about electric chain hoists. What is the working principle of electric chain hoists? The electric chain hoist is widely used in work, and it also helps the staff to solve many work problems. The electric chain hoist

  • Aug
    Installation and use of running electric chain hoist

    After the running electric chain hoist is purchased, we need to install it before using it for the first time. What are the precautions for the installation method and use of the electric chain hoist? The following is the introduction of electric chain hoist manufacturers: ① Newly installed or disma

  • Aug
    Do electric chain hoists need to be inspected every month?

    In work and life, the electric chain hoist is a product that needs to be used every day, and it will bring unavoidable slight loss every day, so it should be checked every month, correct use and regular safety inspection of the electric chain hoist, It can not only ensure the safety of users, but al

  • Jul
    Should the crack of the electric chain hoist cable be replaced?

    Electric chain hoist is an electric power chain hoisting equipment. Because of the need for high-power power supply, electricity safety must be paid attention to. Handling the power cord of the chain hoist is a major point. If it is used for a long time, the insulating glue on the wire If the sleeve

  • Jul
    Motor maintenance knowledge of electric chain hoist

    The electric chain hoist should pay attention to the maintenance of the motor when using it. The motor can be said to be the heart of the electric hoist and the driving force for the electric hoist to work. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the motor well. The use of the motor determines t

  • Jul
    How to reduce the loss of electric chain hoist accessories

    Mechanical equipment has a service life, and so does the electric chain hoist. It will inevitably be damaged under accidental circumstances. Because the operation of the equipment has certain technical requirements, improper use will damage the equipment, but we can still Managed by certain repair m

  • Jun
    Pendant control of electric chain hoist

    Electric chain hoist is a widely used electric hoist. It drives the entire electric hoist to run through the motor, so as to realize the lifting and lowering of goods. handle switch button operation. So will you use the handle switch of the electric chain hoist? What are the precautions in the opera




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