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Motor maintenance knowledge of electric chain hoist

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The electric chain hoist should pay attention to the maintenance of the motor when using it. The motor can be said to be the heart of the electric hoist and the driving force for the electric hoist to work. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the motor well.


The use of the motor determines the service life and performance of the electric hoist, so the motor part is generally equipped with protection devices. Due to the continuous development of insulation technology, the design of the motor requires both increased output and reduced volume. The thermal capacity of the new electric chain hoist motor is getting smaller and smaller, and the load capacity is getting weaker and weaker. Due to the improvement of the degree of production automation, the motor is required to operate in frequent starting, braking, forward and reverse rotation, and variable load. In this way, higher requirements are placed on the motor protection device.


The traditional electric chain hoist motor protection device is mainly based on "thermal relay", but the thermal relay has the shortcomings of low sensitivity, large error, poor stability, and unreliable protection, which makes the motor damage and affects the normal production. Select the type of electric chain hoist motor protector according to the actual situation on site, and also consider the installation, adjustment, and simple and convenient use of the protector.


Chain electric hoist motor maintenance method:

1. The oil of the electric chain hoist gearbox has reached 500 hours from the beginning of operation. Please check whether the amount of lubrication is sufficient. After that, check the condition of the lubricating oil regularly every three months. If it is insufficient, you need to add oil.

2. When using the electric chain hoist outdoors, rainproof facilities should be erected.

3. Always keep the parts of the electric chain hoist dry. When the operation is completed, please drive the electric chain hoist away from the humid area, high temperature area or chemical area to maintain its performance and prolong the service life of the electric chain hoist.

4. When the electric chain hoist is not used for a long time, anti-rust treatment and cleaning and maintenance should be done, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.

5. Lubricate and maintain the electric chain hoist chain.

The above is the introduction to the maintenance knowledge and maintenance methods of electric chain hoists. I hope everyone can pay attention to it and take good care of everything around you, so that it can play a greater advantage and bring us higher efficiency.





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