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Explosion-proof electric chain hoist remote control failure reasons

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The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a tool for lifting and lowering. When it needs to stop at high altitude, the equipment is equipped with brakes, which can stop the goods at high altitude, but what is the reason for the brake failure?


1: Repeated use without timely maintenance, but the button temporarily fails.

2: The remote control has not been used for a long time, the time is too long, and the storage environment is poor, which leads to the aging and damage of the internal circuit of the motor.

3: The remote control is hit and knocked, causing damage to some internal parts and making it unusable.

During the operation of the equipment, if one part cannot be used, it may cause the whole to be paralyzed, so the usual maintenance work must be done well to ensure that the electric chain hoist always maintains the most perfect working condition during use.




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