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China Manual hoist

If you want to know more about the China Manual hoist, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the China Manual hoist industry. More news about China Manual hoist, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more China Manual hoist information!
  • Apr
    What is the difference between the two products of chain hoist and hand hoist
    First. Two kinds of gourd product description 1. Chain hoist Hand chain hoist, also known as fairy gourd, manual hoist, is a simple to use and easy to carry manual hoist, also known as "chain hoist" or "reverse chain". It is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods, and
  • Mar
    Summarize the conditions for the scrapping of chain hoist accessories
    The chain hoist is a simple to use and easy to carry manual hoisting machine, suitable for short-distance hoisting of small equipment and goods. Some of the accessories of the chain hoist are wearing parts, which need to be replaced after a long time of use, so whatever needs to be scrapped must com
  • Jan
    Hand chain hoist for lifting machinery
    Lifting machinery is a lifting and transportation equipment that reduces heavy physical labor, improves work efficiency, and realizes safe production. In the production and circulation of materials in various sectors of the national economy, chain hoists are widely used as a key process design or im
  • Dec
    Preventing problems before they happen is an important element of manual hoist safety
    In many things, we pay attention to taking precautions and preventing problems before they happen, because thinking about what happens in the future, it is possible to avoid certain dangers. Preventing problems before they happen is also an important element to ensure the safety of manual hoists. Th
  • Nov
    Explain the use and operation steps of manual hoists
    The chain hoist is a simple to use and easy to carry manual lifting tool, suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods. It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, easy maintenance, high mechanical efficiency and easy portability. It is suitable for factories, mines, co
  • Oct
    Professional analysis of the use and disassembly of manual hoists
    Buying a chain hoist is naturally for use, and disassembling a chain hoist is usually done when problems are encountered during use. Whether it is in use or disassembly, a certain skill and care are required.The chain hoist should not be used at night when the light is not good. It is not clear duri
  • Oct
    Manual hoist——a good helper for lifting without electricity
    Lifting tool is a material handling tool for lifting or lifting heavy objects, a tool for intermittent work and lifting heavy objects. Most lifting tools start a vertical or vertical and horizontal work stroke after the spreader takes the material. After reaching the destination, they are unloaded,
  • Sep
    Which kind of chain hoist is suitable for wet environment in rainy season?
    Used in rainy and snowy weather or other humid environments, the weather is unpredictable, and the chain hoist inevitably works outdoors. Sometimes it may encounter rain and snow. The rain is corrosive. If there is no chain hoist that has been drenched by rain If you get proper maintenance, rust wil
  • Sep
    Several conditions for the chain hoist to stop lifting
    If one of the following situations is found during the lifting process of the chain hoist, the lifting must be stopped immediately and the lifting heavy objects must be put down for handling:1. When lifting, the lifting anchor rod has cracks, the supporting wood is broken, the roof hoisting gangue,
  • Aug
    Maintenance and overhaul of manual hoists
    The chain hoist is a portable and easy-to-use manual hoisting machine, suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods. The chain hoist is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, high mechanical efficiency, beautiful appearance, and durable. Maintenance and overhaul of chain hoists:1.




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