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Manual hoist——a good helper for lifting without electricity

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Lifting tool is a material handling tool for lifting or lifting heavy objects, a tool for intermittent work and lifting heavy objects. Most lifting tools start a vertical or vertical and horizontal work stroke after the spreader takes the material. After reaching the destination, they are unloaded, and then travel to the reclaiming location with an empty stroke to complete a work cycle, and then carry out the second hoisting. Lifting tools can be divided into electric and non-electricity. In working situations without electric power, the chain hoist can be a good helper for lifting.

The chain hoist does not use electricity, and can work only by pulling it manually. The electric hoist is operated by the operation of the motor, and the hand chain hoist is very energy-saving. It does not require a little electricity and can be operated by manually pulling the zipper, which is very convenient and fast. And it will also contribute to saving power resources.


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