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Which kind of chain hoist is suitable for wet environment in rainy season?

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Used in rainy and snowy weather or other humid environments, the weather is unpredictable, and the chain hoist inevitably works outdoors. Sometimes it may encounter rain and snow. The rain is corrosive. If there is no chain hoist that has been drenched by rain If you get proper maintenance, rust will appear, so is there any chain hoist suitable for use in wet environments during the rainy season?

In order to avoid moisture and rust, in addition to necessary maintenance, a more direct method is to find a rust-proof chain hoist, especially in the southern region, where the weather is humid and rain is frequent. In order not to affect the use and the progress , You need to use anti-rust and anti-corrosion chain hoist-stainless steel chain hoist.

The notable feature of stainless steel chain hoist is that it will not rust, and it also has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, slight explosion-proof, acid and alkali resistance. Generally used in humid environments, such as fertilizer plants, dairy plants, and galvanizing plants.

Therefore, stainless steel chain hoists should be selected as much as possible in the wet environment of the rainy season to work, so as to prevent rust from causing unusable conditions.

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