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Professional analysis of the use and disassembly of manual hoists

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Buying a chain hoist is naturally for use, and disassembling a chain hoist is usually done when problems are encountered during use. Whether it is in use or disassembly, a certain skill and care are required.

The chain hoist should not be used at night when the light is not good. It is not clear during operation and is prone to accidents. The chain hoist has obvious cracks and it is prohibited to use it when there is relatively loud noise. It is prohibited to use chain hoists when the chain is severely worn, cracked or deformed. The cargo is tilted during the lifting process, and it is forbidden to continue working when the binding is loose, and stop immediately. It is prohibited to use when the cargo is overloaded.

Pay attention to these details when disassembling the chain hoist: be sure to handle with care, and it is strictly forbidden to drop the parts, so as to prevent the parts from being deformed and damaged. And it needs to be operated by professionals to avoid accidents caused by improper operation, or damage to small parts due to lack of understanding of product principles. The disassembled parts need to be placed properly and cannot be discarded at will, so as not to find them and affect the installation. After the disassembly is completed, it needs to be assembled in order. After the installation is completed, the no-load and load tests are performed, and it can be put into use after confirming that it is normal.

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