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Maintenance and overhaul of manual hoists

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The chain hoist is a portable and easy-to-use manual hoisting machine, suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods. The chain hoist is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, high mechanical efficiency, beautiful appearance, and durable. Maintenance and overhaul of chain hoists:

1. Before using the chain hoist, check carefully to see whether the hook, chain and shaft are deformed or damaged, whether the pin at the end of the chain is firm and reliable, whether the transmission part is flexible, whether the braking part is reliable, and whether the hand Whether the zipper has sliding chain and hanging chain phenomenon.

2. The suspension of the chain hoist must be firm, check whether the lifting chain is kinked, and adjust it before use.

3. When operating the chain hoist, first pull the bracelet backwards and relax the lifting chain so that it has a sufficient lifting distance, and then slowly raise it. After the chain is tightened, check whether there are any abnormalities in each part and the hook Whether it is suitable, after confirming that it is normal, you can continue to work.

4. Do not pull the zipper strip diagonally, and do not use excessive force. When used in an inclined or horizontal direction, the direction of the zipper should be consistent with the direction of the sprocket to avoid chain jamming and chain lifting.

5. The number of zippers should be determined according to the lifting capacity of the hoist. In case of failure to pull, check whether it is overloaded, whether it is hooked, whether the hoist is damaged, and it is strictly forbidden to increase the number of zippers for force pulling.

6. In the process of lifting heavy objects, if the heavy objects are to stay in the air for a long time, the hand zippers should be tied to the heavy objects or lifting chains to prevent accidents caused by excessive time and self-locking failure of the machine accident.

7. The hoist must not be overloaded. When several hoists are lifting a heavy object at the same time, the force must be balanced, commanded by a dedicated person, and synchronized.

8. The chain hoist should be maintained regularly, and the rotating parts should be lubricated in time to reduce wear and prevent the chain from rusting. For severely rusted, broken and cracked chains, scrap or renew the chain, and it is not allowed to improvise. Be careful not to leak lubricating oil into the friction bakelite to prevent self-locking failure.

9. After use, wipe the gourd clean and store it in a dry place.

10. Maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by those who are familiar with the chain hoist mechanism to prevent random disassembly and assembly by those who do not understand the performance principle of this machine.

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