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Preventing problems before they happen is an important element of manual hoist safety

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In many things, we pay attention to taking precautions and preventing problems before they happen, because thinking about what happens in the future, it is possible to avoid certain dangers. Preventing problems before they happen is also an important element to ensure the safety of manual hoists. The following points should be prevented:

1. It is necessary to produce civilized, concentrate energy, prevent alcoholism and fatigue operation, and strictly prohibit operation with power other than manpower when lifting.

2. During the lifting operation, the operator of the manual hoist should stand stable and reliable, and should remove obstacles under the feet to ensure a smooth exit path. Do not stand on the lifting object to perform the lifting operation, and do not leave the operation after the heavy object is suspended in the air At the scene, during the lifting process, anyone should hide out of the range where the lifting weight may fall or the range where the manual hoist may fail, and it is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of the chain rebound.

3. During operation, lift slowly. After the lifting chain is tensioned, check the force of the equipment and the object to be lifted. Pay special attention to whether the lifting chain is kinked. The kinked chain must be adjusted after inspection. After there is no abnormal phenomenon, the operation can be continued.

4. During operation, the manual hoist should be evenly applied when pulling the manual hoist. When the chain cannot be pulled, the cause should be found out, and the operation should be performed after troubleshooting. It is forbidden to pull by several people. The inspection content is:

(1) Whether the weight to be lifted exceeds the rated load of the manual hoist;

(2) Whether the heavy object to be lifted is connected with other objects;

(3) Whether the parts of the manual hoist are damaged;

5. When multiple manual hoists are used to lift a heavy object at the same time, each manual hoist should reasonably choose the lifting point of the heavy object to ensure that the load of each manual hoist is within the rated load range. It is strictly forbidden to overload. Coordinate the command.

6. When tilted or horizontally used, pay attention to adjust the direction of the zipper to make it conform to the direction of the sprocket to prevent the zipper from falling out of the groove or jamming, and do not lift heavy objects off the ground.

7. When lifting vertically, try to lift the objects along with the pads. The zipper personnel should avoid the range where the heavy objects may fall.

8. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to do any work or walk under heavy objects after lifting to avoid personal accidents.

9. In the process of lifting heavy objects, if the heavy objects need to be hovered temporarily, the hand zipper should be tied to the lifting chain to prevent the self-locking mechanism from malfunctioning and accidents.

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