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What is the difference between the two products of chain hoist and hand hoist

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First. Two kinds of gourd product description


1. Chain hoist

      Hand chain hoist, also known as fairy gourd, manual hoist, is a simple to use and easy to carry manual hoist, also known as "chain hoist" or "reverse chain". It is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods, and the lifting weight generally does not exceed 100T.

       When the chain hoist lifts the weight upwards, pull the manual chain and the hand chain wheel clockwise to rotate, and pull the zipper bar counterclockwise when descending, the brake seat is separated from the brake pad, the ratchet wheel is stationary under the effect of the pawl, and the five-tooth long shaft Drive the hoisting sprocket to run in the opposite direction, so as to lower the weight steadily.


2. Hand gourd

     The lever hoist is a simple to use and easy to carry manual lifting tool. The lever hoist can perform operations such as raising, traction, lowering, and calibration. The lifting weight generally does not exceed 50T.

      The lever hoist is safe, reliable, durable; good performance, simple repair; small size, light weight, easy to carry; small hand force, high efficiency; perfect structure, beautiful appearance and so on. Human power is used to lift heavy objects. Do not lengthen the operating handle arbitrarily; allow other handles to move freely during operation without jamming.


Second, the difference between the two

1. Compared with the same lifting specifications, the size of the lever hoist is much smaller than the chain hoist, and the lever hoist is more efficient and used in a wider scale in terms of function.


2. The chain hoist is suitable for the production and construction of factories, miners, agriculture, electric power, construction, goods lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, etc., especially for open-air and non-powered operations, it has an important function. In addition to being used alone, it can be used with various types of hand-drawn monorails to form a hand-drawn lifting and transporting trolley, which can complete the function of walking left and right to improve heavy objects.




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