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Best HHBB Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist

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  • Nov
    Do not place heavy objects on the fixed electric chain hoist
    Many users will store them when they are not using the fixed electric chain hoist. Some users will put them in a wooden box and put them in a ventilated place, and some users will put them up directly at will. Throw it aside, and the chain is placed at will. Regardless, some users even pile some hea
  • Sep
    What occasions are HHBB electric chain hoists used?
    The electric chain hoist is an international standard electric hoist. The lifting part is not a wire rope, but a chain of small elliptical rings interlocking each other, and each small ring is forged by high temperature quenching. , Very sturdy, if it is used in dusty places, it will not stick to du
  • Jul
    How to manually adjust the speed of electric chain hoist?
    Electric chain hoist has single speed and double speed. There is not only one speed. During operation, it has its own speed adjustment method. How to adjust the speed of electric chain hoist? Let's take a look. How to correctly and quickly master how the electric chain hoist adjusts the speed is a v
  • Mar
    What are the applicable scales of chain hoists
  • Dec
    Protective measures for chain hoist after being exposed to rain
    Use chain gourd polysaccharide for construction in summer. If it rains suddenly, cut off the power supply in time, move the equipment indoors, replace the plug, motor, casing, chain and other parts to wipe. The chain hoist uses electricity as the power source. Once rainwater enters the motor, it wil
  • Nov
    Relevant requirements for technical data, operating environment and appearance of electric chain hoist
    Electric chain hoist has simpler structure than wire rope electric hoist, easy installation and operation, high reliability, and wide application range. It is a lifting equipment that is smaller and lighter than wire rope electric hoists, and is widely used in factories, mines, storage and other pro
  • Sep
    Comparison of parameters between chain hoist and wire rope hoist
    Both chain hoists and wire rope hoists are electric hoists, which are lifting tools used to lift heavy objects, but they are different in accessories, parameters, and use environments.Hoisting motor comparison: the chain hoist has a 0% continuous power-on rate, and the designed higher start-up rate
  • Jul
    Explain the main parts and mechanisms of the electric chain hoist
    Chain hoist, also known as chain hoist, is a common electric hoist. There are many main parts and mechanisms that make up the chain hoist, including pulleys, drums, wheels, brakes, open gears, reducers, chains, etc.Pulley: The ratio between the diameter of the pulley and the wire rope h2 should not
  • Jun
    Matters that should be paid attention to when buying chain electric hoist
    The chain electric hoist is widely used, mainly used in major factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, construction and other industries, used for lifting or loading and unloading goods, and can also be used to lift heavy objects for work or repair large-scale machine. The cha
  • Jun
    What to do if the chain electric hoist does not move after being powered on
    In the use of chain hoist, please check if the electric hoist does not run after power on;1. Whether the main power supply has a phase failure, which is usually called a phase loss, and does not meet the power requirements of the electric hoist.2. Listen carefully for the slight clicking sound of th




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