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How to manually adjust the speed of electric chain hoist?

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Electric chain hoist has single speed and double speed. There is not only one speed. During operation, it has its own speed adjustment method. How to adjust the speed of electric chain hoist? Let's take a look.


How to correctly and quickly master how the electric chain hoist adjusts the speed is a very important issue, not only can improve work efficiency in the work, but also save more time. We can also adjust the speed of the electric hoist. So how do we adjust the speed of the electric chain hoist? Provide suggestions in the following areas.


1. It is a relatively inexpensive method, the motor rotor resistance speed adjustment, but this method has drawbacks, that is, the change speed range is too large, and it is very unstable. The method of speed regulation by dynamic braking is similar to this method, but it is also a poor grasp of speed.


2. The speed is adjusted by hydraulic push rod. Although this method is not very large and stable, it also has drawbacks, that is, it is too troublesome. It can only be realized by major structural transformations of the electric hoist.


3. The most ideal is the frequency conversion speed regulation. It is easy to control the speed, and it is very accurate, which is convenient for maintenance and management.





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