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Do not place heavy objects on the fixed electric chain hoist

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Many users will store them when they are not using the fixed electric chain hoist. Some users will put them in a wooden box and put them in a ventilated place, and some users will put them up directly at will. Throw it aside, and the chain is placed at will. Regardless, some users even pile some heavy objects on the electric hoist, causing some scratches on the product, causing the product to enter a lot of dust and dirt.


Such behavior is very easy to cause damage to the electric chain hoist and shorten the service life. The long-term weight may also cause the appearance of the electric hoist to be deformed, and the performance of the electric hoist will be lower in the future.


The service life of a chain electric hoist is about 5 years, but the product must be well maintained under the premise of good maintenance. In order to show good performance of the product during use, we do not use the electric chain hoist. When hoisting, you need to put the product in a ventilated and dry place, and don't put heavy objects on it to prevent further damage to the equipment.





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