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Protective measures for chain hoist after being exposed to rain

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Use chain gourd polysaccharide for construction in summer. If it rains suddenly, cut off the power supply in time, move the equipment indoors, replace the plug, motor, casing, chain and other parts to wipe. The chain hoist uses electricity as the power source. Once rainwater enters the motor, it will cause a short circuit in severe cases. First, check whether the motor is abnormal. If there is any abnormality, repair it in time. If there is no abnormality, perform routine maintenance.

In addition, the anti-rust oil film will inevitably be lost after being exposed to the rain, and you can apply lubricating oil and anti-rust grease. Corresponding parts of the chain hoist after the rain, aloe, should be rust-proof in time.

If the chain hoist equipment is used in a remote environment, it is necessary to pay attention not to long-term construction in an over-moisture area, and at the same time carry out frequent drying treatments to avoid damage to internal components, frequent inspections and maintenance, and take corresponding protective measures to extend the service life.

If we use the chain hoist to be on top and the weather cannot be judged correctly, we can set up a protective shed in advance so that we dont have to worry about the equipment being exposed to rain in rainy weather.

It can be seen that, especially the potential safety hazards of chain hoists after rain, so we try to avoid rain, or prepare corresponding rain covers, temporary rain shelters, and take corresponding protective measures in time when the rain comes.

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