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What are the applicable scales of chain hoists

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1. What is a chain hoist


Chain hoist is a kind of equipment that can be used as a small hoisting machinery, which is composed of three parts: electric motor, transmission organization and sprocket. In the chain hoist, its gears are quenched at high temperature in accordance with the specifications. Compared with other hoists, its characteristics are incomparable.


Chain hoist


2. What are the applicable scales of the chain hoist?


Can choose human operation or semi-automatic operation, and even can choose indoor operation or wireless remote control operation. In general, its operation is very simple, so no matter where it is, you can use this product. For this reason, in the scale of application, it is more suitable for applications in large factories, warehouses, logistics, and docks. Although its lifting weight is small, it does not mean that it has greater limitations. At least for objects other than the weight scale, it can be lifted and transferred, which greatly facilitates manufacturers and merchants. In particular, in some harsh environments, the chain hoist can also be used. In addition to being able to be used as a fixed suspension, it can also be used for walking with a matching trolley. Such a characteristic makes its application scale more and more extensive.


In addition to being used in industrialized places such as factories, it can also be used in shopping malls, when goods are transferred, or when they are put on shelves. Even after proper renovation, it can be used in some special places. This is one of the characteristics that other gourds do not have. Its use can also greatly improve work efficiency, and it is indeed a high-quality lifting equipment.





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