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Comparison of parameters between chain hoist and wire rope hoist

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Both chain hoists and wire rope hoists are electric hoists, which are lifting tools used to lift heavy objects, but they are different in accessories, parameters, and use environments.

Hoisting motor comparison: the chain hoist has a 0% continuous power-on rate, and the designed higher start-up rate is 300 times per hour; the wire rope hoist has a 25% continuous power-on rate (no more than 40%), and the design number of starts is 180 times/ hour.

Comparison of transmission forms: The chain hoist gear box directly drives the chain plate to lift. The wire rope hoist gear box drives the coupling and then drives the wire rope drum to lift.

Host size (distance from the running trolley wheel tread to the hook): chain hoist 650mm, wire rope hoist 680mm.

Upper and lower limit limit switches: The chain hoist adopts a built-in fire break switch and mechanical rubber stop double limit; the wire rope hoist fire stopper has inaccurate positioning, easy to break and unsafe.

Chain, wire rope: The chain hoist adopts imported fec super heat-treated alloy chain. The wire rope electric hoist uses ordinary wire rope, which needs grease lubrication.

Reel: no chain hoist, ordinary reel for wire rope hoist.

Rope guide: no chain hoist, wire rope hoist uses a rope guide.

Trolley operation: 4-stage double winding motor of chain hoist, side introduction system makes the operation stable. The wire rope hoist adopts an ordinary cone motor, which has a large starting impact.

Sealability of the whole machine: the chain hoist has an integral sealed structure, and the wire rope hoist has no seal.

Finish: epoxy resin paint for chain hoist, ordinary paint for wire rope hoist.

Appearance: The chain hoist adopts a special appearance design, and the wire rope hoist is cumbersome.

Environmental pollution: The chain hoist starts and runs smoothly, and the noise is less than 85DB; the wire rope hoist has a large impact at instant start and the noise exceeds 130DB.


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