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What occasions are HHBB electric chain hoists used?

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The electric chain hoist is an international standard electric hoist. The lifting part is not a wire rope, but a chain of small elliptical rings interlocking each other, and each small ring is forged by high temperature quenching. , Very sturdy, if it is used in dusty places, it will not stick to dust, and it is easy to clean up. It is very convenient to use. On which occasions will HHBB electric chain hoists be used?


Major factories, warehouses, power stations, logistics companies, wharfs, construction industries, etc., as long as it is necessary to lift large tonnage heavy objects, this product can be used. Last month, our customer ordered a 2-ton HHBB The electric chain hoist and a small 2 ton gantry crane are used together and placed on the construction site to lift the slate. The client company is a factory that burns the slate. After the production is made, it needs to be air-dried. I know there is an electric hoist, so I have been using a trolley to push a few pieces of work, and the efficiency is very low. Later, someone said that new equipment such as electric hoist can be used, and he was approaching us for consultation. After understanding the use environment, a product solution was matched for the customer. Since the customer needs to push the hoisted steel plate to an open space about 200 meters away, a gantry crane can solve the problem of walking, and the electric chain hoist can be used directly Lifting the steel plate perfectly solves the current problems of customers.


Lifting goods are large and small. Lifting products are used in any industry. The environment in which different lifting products are used is different. If you are still in traditional handling work, you can directly contact us and we will match it for you. A set of lifting products suitable for your use will make your work more efficient and the efficiency of the factory better.





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