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Explain the main parts and mechanisms of the electric chain hoist

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Chain hoist, also known as chain hoist, is a common electric hoist. There are many main parts and mechanisms that make up the chain hoist, including pulleys, drums, wheels, brakes, open gears, reducers, chains, etc.

Pulley: The ratio between the diameter of the pulley and the wire rope h2 should not be less than the relevant specified value. The pulley should rotate well, and there should be no defects such as cracks, rim damage and wire rope damage. The amount of groove wall wear is less than 20% of the original wall thickness, the diameter of the groove bottom is reduced by less than 50% between the wire ropes, and the groove bottom should not have grooves . The pulley shall have a device to prevent the wire rope from grooving.

Reel: The ratio of the diameter of the reel to the diameter of the wire rope h1 should not be less than the relevant regulations, and the wall of the reel should not have cracks or excessive wear.

Wheels: The wheels should not be excessively worn. The wear of the rim 50% of the original thickness, and the wear of the tread 15% of the original thickness.

Brake: Each mechanism should be equipped with a brake, the brake of the lifting mechanism should be normally closed. The parts should not have defects such as Li En, plastic deformation, excessive wear and missing parts. Braking should be smooth and reliable. The brake of the explosion-proof hoist should be installed inside the explosion-proof housing.

Open gear: Open gear meshing should be stable without cracks, broken teeth and excessive wear.

Rope guide: The rope guide should be effective in arranging rope in the entire working range, and should not have defects such as jamming and missing parts.

Reducer: There should be no looseness or defects in the housing bolts. There should be no abnormal noise, vibration, heat and oil leakage when the reducer is working.

Chain: The chain should not have defects such as cracks and welding, and the diameter of the chain ring wear is less than 10% of the original diameter.

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