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2 ton electric chain hoist

The articles shown below are all about the 2 ton electric chain hoist, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the 2 ton electric chain hoist. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these 2 ton electric chain hoist articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Aug
    Using electric hoist with inverter can effectively improve work efficiency
    The frequency conversion electric hoist can change the power frequency when it is working, so that the speed of the motor can be controlled, and the work efficiency can be effectively improved by controlling the rotation frequency of the motor during work.The frequency conversion electric hoist is p
  • Feb
    Is the large-tonnage electric chain hoist a special equipment?
    Speaking of special equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is the large-scale equipment. The electric hoist with a relatively small size should not belong to the special equipment. Then the electric chain hoist with a relatively large volume can be lifted and transported with a large tonnage.
  • Jan
    What protection measures must be taken in the control circuit of electric chain hoist?
    The control circuit of electric chain hoist is composed of circuit breaker, contactor, transformer, terminal block, control handle button, thermal relay, wire, slide wire and other electrical components. The following protection measures must be taken in the control circuit: 1. Undervoltage protec
  • Jan
    The similarities and differences between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running hoist
    What are the differences and connections between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running electric chain hoist? These two types of electric hoist have a lifting weight specification between 0.5-80 tons, safe and easy to use and maintain, only one is equipped with a walking electric sports
  • Dec
    What is the reason for the deviation of the explosion-proof electric hoist trolley?
    The electric hoist we use basically talk about chain electric hoist or wire rope electric hoist hanging on the I-beam or hanging on the gantry crane. It can be used up, down, left and right. The explosion-proof electric hoist trolley needs to be installed alone, and unprofessional personnel install
  • Nov
    How to prevent the wear of electric chain hoist?
    As a common light and small lifting equipment, electric chain hoist will produce varying degrees of wear after a period of use. We should focus on the use of wear-resistant work, rather than remedy after wear. So what should we do to prevent the electric chain hoist from wearing? 1. Check whether th
  • Nov
    What is the cause of the brake failure of the upside-down electric chain hoist?
    There are many cases in which the performance of the inverted chain electric hoist declines due to the failure of the brake each year, and if it is used without notice in advance, it will cause certain safety hazards. When we are in the process of using, this situation occurs, and It just so happens
  • Nov
    The environment where electric chain hoists are taboo
    Electric chain hoists are divided into ordinary electric chain hoists, fixed electric chain hoists, running electric chain hoists, low headroom electric chain hoists, etc. These products have their own specific use environment, but Not all environments can be used. Let's take a look at the environme
  • Nov
    What is the reason why the low headroom chain hoist cannot be turned on?
    Electric chain hoists are divided into many types, fixed type and operating type, conventional height and ultra-low headroom. Ultra-low headroom means that the height of the chain is much higher than that of the conventional type. The effective lifting height is relatively high. How to deal with the
  • Nov
    How to prevent large-tonnage electric chain hoist from burning?
    Recently, electric hoist motors have been burnt occasionally. Why does the motor burn when large-tonnage electric chain hoists are used? Let's analyze in depth what are the causes? 1: Each electric hoist can be used in different environments to choose equipment with different performance. Due to dif




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