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Is the large-tonnage electric chain hoist a special equipment?

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Speaking of special equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is the large-scale equipment. The electric hoist with a relatively small size should not belong to the special equipment. Then the electric chain hoist with a relatively large volume can be lifted and transported with a large tonnage. Does the electric hoist belong to the special equipment? Now let's lift the veil on the ambiguous special equipment?


Special equipment is relatively large-scale equipment, which refers to large-scale equipment that may involve danger to life safety, including large-scale lifting machinery. According to regulations, equipment that can be lifted vertically and can be moved horizontally. Lifting equipment larger than 0.5 tons and electric hoists with heights greater than 2m belong to special equipment, so it can be judged that large tonnage electric hoists belong to special equipment.


When the large-tonnage electric chain hoist special equipment is in use, it is necessary to establish a special file for maintenance, including special equipment and technical data, and special equipment register, which is convenient for us to maintain on weekdays.

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