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What is the reason for the deviation of the explosion-proof electric hoist trolley?

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The electric hoist we use basically talk about chain electric hoist or wire rope electric hoist hanging on the I-beam or hanging on the gantry crane. It can be used up, down, left and right. The explosion-proof electric hoist trolley needs to be installed alone, and unprofessional personnel install the trolley. There will be some difficulties. Poor installation will cause the trolley to deviate during operation. Lifting skewedly will cause heavy objects to fall. Lets analyze how this is caused.


1: The center of gravity of the electric trolley and the hanging point of the electric hoist are not in a straight line, which leads to more and more deviations when the load is hung on the lower hook.


2: The width of the wheel groove is inconsistent with the track, and the width of the tread is not well matched.


3: The gap between the wheel and the track is too large, and the space is particularly unfavorable for guiding, leading to deviation.


4: If the deviation is not corrected in time at a certain moment, it will increase the degree of skew.


5: There is a malfunction that prevents the progress of the track from being stuck


When we use the electric hoist trolley, we must observe the running state of the trolley in time to ensure that it is running smoothly to prevent accidents. 





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