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What is the reason why the low headroom chain hoist cannot be turned on?

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Electric chain hoists are divided into many types, fixed type and operating type, conventional height and ultra-low headroom. Ultra-low headroom means that the height of the chain is much higher than that of the conventional type. The effective lifting height is relatively high. How to deal with the power-on situation?


1: Listen to the sound. The motor makes a sound but does not rotate. You can see if the phase of the motor is connected incorrectly. At this time, insulation work should be done.


2: Check whether the power cord and control line are broken or not connected properly.


3: Whether the contactor is in poor contact. If the electric hoist can work normally when the chain is manually pulled, then there is a high probability that the coil or cable has poor contact. You need to find out the poor contact part for maintenance. The chain cannot be manually pulled. Move up and down. At this time, you need to check whether the main control power supply is normal. If there is no problem with the power supply, it is the problem of poor contact.


4: In addition, you can check whether the lower phase switch is connected incorrectly. In this case, it will also cause the situation that it cannot be started.


5: The fuse of the power supply is not connected, you can start to check whether the current is normal, just replace with a new fuse.





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