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How to prevent large-tonnage electric chain hoist from burning?

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Recently, electric hoist motors have been burnt occasionally. Why does the motor burn when large-tonnage electric chain hoists are used? Let's analyze in depth what are the causes?


1: Each electric hoist can be used in different environments to choose equipment with different performance. Due to different working conditions, such as dusty occasions, wet and corrosive occasions, you need to use waterproof electric hoists. Of course, electric hoist motors with different performances are also different. Corrosion is a large part of the reason that will cause the motor to burn, so corrosion must be avoided during use.


2: No matter what kind of electric hoist is not a continuous working system, you need to rest for a period of time after using it for a period of time, otherwise the motor will be burnt if it is used without rest.


3: Now that the technology is advanced, the motor is becoming more and more sophisticated, resulting in a smaller heat capacity of the motor and a weaker carrying capacity.


Therefore, we should not overload it during use, and do not use it for a long time. 





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