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How to prevent the wear of electric chain hoist?

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As a common light and small lifting equipment, electric chain hoist will produce varying degrees of wear after a period of use. We should focus on the use of wear-resistant work, rather than remedy after wear. So what should we do to prevent the electric chain hoist from wearing?


1. Check whether the electric chain hoist is stuck or rubbed when it is working, and do a good job of lubrication to ensure the flexible performance of the electric hoist when it is running.

2. The accessories and parts of the electric hoist should be checked every month, cleaned and lubricated in time, the pulley groove should be kept clean and smooth, there should be no cracks, and there should be no defects that damage the wire rope or chain.

3. In order to reduce the irreversible serious wear and tear of the electric hoist caused by perennial use, the equipment should be regularly maintained and managed according to the frequency of use;

4. Frequently check whether the installation status of the electric chain hoist meets the standard requirements to ensure that the installation status can achieve high efficiency and safety.

5. During work, avoid the impact of foreign objects and other factors. When the electric hoist itself is tilted loose or shaken seriously, stop working immediately and check and repair it.


It can be seen that, in order to reduce the wear of the electric chain hoist, regular inspection and maintenance work is essential, so prevent the wear of the electric hoist in advance to prolong its service life.





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