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The environment where electric chain hoists are taboo

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Electric chain hoists are divided into ordinary electric chain hoists, fixed electric chain hoists, running electric chain hoists, low headroom electric chain hoists, etc. These products have their own specific use environment, but Not all environments can be used. Let's take a look at the environments where electric chain hoists cannot be used.


1: Relatively humid environment, the electric hoist manual states that the humidity should not be greater than 85%, otherwise moisture will invade the body and corrode the motor of the electric hoist.


2: Use in ultra-high temperature environment: Some places such as steel mills have relatively high environment. It is recommended that cooling equipment such as air conditioners and fans can be installed in the factory, otherwise the body is too hot and easy to burn.


3: Used in environments with too much dust, such as flour mills and other places, there are many dust floating in the air, and it is easy to explode when encountering Mars, so ordinary electric hoists are made of ordinary materials and do not have explosion-proof Therefore, if it is used in such an environment, it is recommended to use dust explosion-proof gourd as much as possible.


When buying an electric chain hoist, it is best to consult the business first and tell the manufacturer what kind of environment it is used in, so as to choose a product that suits you. 





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