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What is the cause of the brake failure of the upside-down electric chain hoist?

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There are many cases in which the performance of the inverted chain electric hoist declines due to the failure of the brake each year, and if it is used without notice in advance, it will cause certain safety hazards. When we are in the process of using, this situation occurs, and It just so happens that we reserve some such technical knowledge. When we encounter it, we will not panic, and will calmly solve it. Let's talk about the solution to everyone.


1: Braking does not respond: The main manifestation of this situation is that when the braking slippage is large, generally greater than 80mm, the braking failure is due to the large brake gap or the oil pollution causes the friction surface to increase. If the pressure spring is fatigued, you need a pressure spring. Check the brake ring. If the ring is broken, you need to replace the brake ring. The replaced Dendrobium needs to remove the fan brake wheel, remove the original ring, and lubricate the new brake ring with a small amount of water when installing, so that the brake ring can be pushed in easily.


2: If it is caused by dirt on the surface, you can first loosen the screw at the end of the brake, remove the brake wheel of the fan, and install it after cleaning.


3: Check if it is the cause of spring fatigue. If it is not used for a long time, the spring will have a certain sense of fatigue. At this time, the spring needs to be replaced.





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