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Electric Chain Hoist

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  • Jan
    Several major components of electric chain hoist

    Electric chain hoist, also known as electric chain hoist, is a relatively common type of lifting hoist, which has several types such as fixed type, running type, low headroom type, and two-speed. Generally speaking, the main components of electric chain hoists are divided into several categories. 1.

  • Dec
    What are the failures of the electric chain hoist brake

    The reliability of the brake of the electric chain hoist is directly related to the safety of people and equipment, so the requirements for its reliability are particularly high. However, there are many failures of hydraulic push rod brakes currently in use, and the main failure phenomena are:

  • Dec
    Explosion-proof electric chain hoist hoisting chain manufacturing process

    The explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a chain electric hoist. The chain of this electric chain hoist is made of G80 alloy steel, which is very tough. Do you know what kind of process is used to make such a chain? The lifting chain is made of 20M2 alloy steel, which is made with carbon fire tre

  • Dec
    Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of low headroom electric chain hoist

    Low headroom electric chain hoist is a special type of electric chain hoist. It is mainly used in special places. So what is the reason why low headroom electric chain hoist is used in special places? What are the advantages of combining it with a small car? The biggest advantage of the combination

  • Dec
    What is the reason that the electric chain hoist motor cannot work normally?

    Electric chain hoist is a combination of motor, chain, hook, etc. We all know that the core of the electric hoist is the motor. If the motor of the electric hoist is in operation, the temperature is often too high or cannot be used normally. , In this case, you should check according to the followin

  • Dec
    A suitable working environment is the key to the use of electric chain hoists

    When the electric chain hoist is working, if we want the electric hoist to complete the work more efficiently and quickly, the premise is that we need to find a suitable work and development space for it. Only a suitable working environment can the electric chain hoist exert its higher performance.

  • Dec
    Is the high-speed and low-speed power supply of the variable frequency electric hoist the same?

    The variable frequency electric hoist is an electric hoist with two frequencies that can be used, but the two frequencies are one high speed and one low speed. Is the power supply the same when using the two speeds? Let's take a look together. The frequency conversion electric hoist is often used in

  • Dec
    How to clean the electric chain hoist after use

    After the electric chain hoist is used, it needs to be cleaned up. This work is directly related to its later storage and corrosion resistance. So how should this work be carried out? Step 1: If there are rust spots on the surface of the electric hoist, a hard metal material needs to be used to remo

  • Dec
    What is the reason for the deviation of the explosion-proof electric hoist trolley?

    The electric hoist we use basically talk about chain electric hoist or wire rope electric hoist hanging on the I-beam or hanging on the gantry crane. It can be used up, down, left and right. The explosion-proof electric hoist trolley needs to be installed alone, and unprofessional personnel install

  • Nov
    The chain electric hoist manufacturer teaches you how to choose an electric hoist

    As a manufacturer of electric chain hoists, we have a deeper understanding of electric hoists than most people would understand. Nowadays, electric chain hoists are everywhere in the market, and as a customer, we want to choose a high-quality electric hoist. High-quality products are even more diffi




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