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Precautions for using electric chain hoist in high temperature environment

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Electric chain hoists are used in a wide range of applications. They are used in almost every large factory, such as steel mills, warehouses, buildings, etc. In such environments, there is no shortage of high temperature environments, such as steel mills, where the temperature will increase. It is very high, so there will be a question, can the electric chain hoist be used in such an environment for a long time?


In fact, yes, although it is a steel mill, the environment where people work is a relatively suitable temperature. The electric hoist and people stay in the same space, and the human body will not feel how high the temperature is. The electric hoist can work here. It does not mean that if you can work here, you don’t need to pay attention to some usage matters, because the position where the electric chain hoist is hung is high, and the temperature is higher than that on the ground. In such an environment, please pay attention to the following Precautions:


1: Before lifting, check all parts of the equipment, whether the hook is damaged, the limiter, whether the voltage is stable, and whether there is leakage.


2: The goods to be lifted should be more reliable, and should be hung in the central position in the hook, and the suspension should be firm.


3: If there are other smells during the operation, you should stop and check immediately.


4: Do not stand around when lifting to prevent danger.


5: After the operation is completed, the electric chain hoist needs to be placed in the designated position and cannot be parked at will.


The above points are some precautions for the use of electric hoists that we explained, I hope to help you.





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