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HHBB Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist Quotes

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  • Nov
    The environment where electric chain hoists are taboo
    Electric chain hoists are divided into ordinary electric chain hoists, fixed electric chain hoists, running electric chain hoists, low headroom electric chain hoists, etc. These products have their own specific use environment, but Not all environments can be used. Let's take a look at the environme
  • May
    Chain inspection work for safety protection of electric hoist to eliminate potential safety hazards
    Electric hoist is a kind of hoisting machinery equipment. When using it again, you must pay attention to safety matters. All safety inspections before operation must be done. The overall inspection and chain inspection must be carried out before operation. In the process of using the electric hoist,
  • Jul
    Cause analysis of electric hoist lack of phase and short circuit
    The electric hoist frequently appears lack of phase during use; the wire in the control box is broken or loosened (open circuit or short circuit); then it is found that the main contact of the main contactor is frequently burnt, and the main contact that is newly replaced is basically maintained eve
  • Jan
    What are the installation skills of chain electric hoist?
    After buying a relatively large piece of equipment, you generally have to study how to install it before you can make better use of it. The chain electric hoist is a more complicated lifting accessory. Today we mainly explain the installation skills of this equipment.First, turn on the up, down, lef
  • Nov
    What is the scope of the electric chain hoist?
    The electric chain hoist has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in various factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, construction and other industries. It can be used for lifting or loading and unloading goods. It can also be used to lift heavy objects for convenie
  • Sep
    The cause of the abnormality of the chain hoist gear
    The chain hoist is more and more liked by the masses. Because it is light and durable, the gears are all characterized by high temperature quenching. It is also a new generation of lifting equipment. The following small series will briefly introduce the abnormal reasons of the chain hoist gear.The r
  • Aug
    How to check the operation of the electric chain hoist
    The main reasons for the malfunction of the electric chain hoist are as follows:1. The power is not connected: it needs to be tested with the test pencil. If the test is not powered, it has been solved. After the power is turned on, it can work.2, internal short circuit or poor contact of the brake




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