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How to check the operation of the electric chain hoist

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The main reasons for the malfunction of the electric chain hoist are as follows:

1. The power is not connected: it needs to be tested with the test pencil. If the test is not powered, it has been solved. After the power is turned on, it can work.

2. Internal short circuit or poor contact of the brake switch: a special electrician is required to test, to confirm that the power circuit is not faulty before commissioning.

3. The rated voltage is not connected: it can be tested by voltage or multimeter. If this is the case, you only need to wait for the voltage to be normal and put it into normal use.

4. The power line is connected to the wrong phase: the wrong phase will cause the phase protection to start, so it cannot be operated. It is necessary to reverse the power lines of the two phases.

5. The chain electric hoist control circuit or power fuse burned: replace the fuse.

6. The electric hoist motor makes a sound, but it does not rotate: check whether the motor phase is accurate, maintain and do the insulation action.

7. The wires of the power cord or control circuit are broken or not connected: repair or replace the broken and poorly contacted wires.

8. Poor contact of the contactor or short circuit of the coil: Manual operation of the hoist. If the electric chain hoist operates normally, it means that the control coil or the wire has poor contact, find the bad position and repair it.





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