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What are the installation skills of chain electric hoist?

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After buying a relatively large piece of equipment, you generally have to study how to install it before you can make better use of it. The chain electric hoist is a more complicated lifting accessory. Today we mainly explain the installation skills of this equipment.

First, turn on the up, down, left, and right buttons to check the accuracy of the direction.

The most important role played by the chain electric hoist when using this device is its up, down, left, and right buttons. The flexibility of these four buttons is directly related to the accuracy of the device, so check the operation of these four buttons. Condition is one of the first installation tips. We can check the flexibility of the four buttons after turning on the power. If the four buttons can be controlled by the operator flexibly during use, it proves that there is no problem with the operation of the buttons.

Second, judge the accuracy by the running distance of the electric hoist

In our testing process of electric hoists, in addition to testing whether the up, down, left, and right buttons of this device can run flexibly, we also want to test whether the running distance of the electric hoist is accurate to a large extent. In general, when some electric hoists are required to run for a short distance, we need to check whether the operation of the electric hoist can strictly follow the operator's instructions. Generally, the more equipment that can meet the requirements of short distance operation, the better it is good.

After the installation skills of the above-mentioned chain electric hoist are mastered, the advantages of this equipment can be maximized, and a part of unqualified products can be detected from it.





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