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The cause of the abnormality of the chain hoist gear

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The chain hoist is more and more liked by the masses. Because it is light and durable, the gears are all characterized by high temperature quenching. It is also a new generation of lifting equipment. The following small series will briefly introduce the abnormal reasons of the chain hoist gear.

The reasons for the abnormality of the chain hoist gear mainly include three aspects:

Unreasonable design, unsatisfactory manufacturing, unreasonable equipment, etc.; poor assembly, when the gear installation and debugging is unreasonable, will increase the working capacity of the consumption gear, such as some assembly can not smoothly carry out power transmission, some gear and shaft assembly Misalignment and some gears are not parallel to the assembly, which can cause gear abnormalities.

(1) Root crack

Due to the unevenness inside the gear material, fatigue cracks may occur at the root of some gear teeth even when the force is suitable, and then it may expand into a full tooth fracture.

(2) Tooth surface wear

The two main forms of tooth surface wear are corrosion wear and abrasive wear. Corrosive wear is a chemical effect of the active factors in the gear material and the lubricant, resulting in damage to the gears.

(3) Tooth surface plastic deformation

Plastic deformation means that the gear surface of the gear is in a concentrated state. When the force is concentrated, the gear material is subjected to an external force to cause a plastic change in the tooth or tooth surface. Plastic deformation is one of the main failure modes of the gear, and it is also a kind of permanent deformation of the gear.

(4) Gear break

According to the factors that constitute the broken teeth, the classification of the gear breaking form can be divided into fatigue breaking, random breaking and overload breaking.

(5) Tooth surface fatigue

Tooth surface fatigue is material spalling and candlesticking.

The gear can be said to be a major component of the chain hoist. It is also a component that everyone is very valued. We should be strict in terms of manufacturing or assembly. ensure product quality.

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