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Electric Hoist

These are related to the Electric Hoist news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Electric Hoist, to help you better understand and expand Electric Hoist market. Because the market for Electric Hoist is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Dec
    What are the requirements for the use of the multifunctional wire rope electric hoist?

    The multi-function electric wire rope hoist needs many functions to meet the special operation and ensure safer and more reliable in the lifting process. The broken jade wire rope electric hoist has the following points 1: We have all the functions of ordinary wire rope electric hoist. 2: Lifting he

  • Dec
    How much is md1 single and double speed wire rope electric hoist hoist?

    MD1 wire rope electric hoist This electric hoist has two speeds, with two speeds, fast and slow, so how much can this electric hoist lift? The normal speed of this electric hoist is (8m/min) and slow (0.8m/min). The lifting speed is very stable. It is especially used at slow speed and precise proces

  • Dec
    The use of electric chain hoist requires careful operation

    The selection and application of electric chain hoist provides a convenient operation process for the lifting industry. Therefore, we should be responsible for the electric hoist. In order to extend its service life, we should pay attention to every detail. At this time, we need to be cautious. Oper

  • Nov
    How to adjust the wire rope electric hoist clutch?

    The wire rope electric hoist clutch needs a special detection device when measuring. The electric hoist has a compact structure and low voltage control is used in the electrical control to enhance safety. However, there are certain shortcomings. The clutch needs to be adjusted. We will adjust the me

  • Oct
    Precautions for stopping electric hoist crane

    Electric hoist cranes need to pay attention to some matters when starting or stopping. Just like driving, there are steps to operate. First step on the brakes in gear, and then start to go. Similarly, let’s talk about what are the precautions for electric hoist cranes. . 1: When hoisting the goods,

  • Sep
    What to do if the operation failure of the variable frequency electric chain hoist is not reflected

    In daily life, there are often users who forget to press the button or forget to turn on the power when using the electric hoist, causing the equipment to malfunction. In addition to the above forgotten situations, what other situations will cause the equipment to malfunction? 1: It is caused by int

  • Sep
    What is the difference between a small household electric hoist and an industrial CD1 wire rope electric hoist?

    The small household electric hoist is completely different from the CD1 wire rope electric hoist used in industry. The small household electric hoist is a 220V small electric hoist suitable for household use, while the industrial wire rope electric hoist is 380V used in industry. , The voltages used

  • Aug
    The advantages and application of electric hoist

    In recent years, in order to save labor power, improve production efficiency, and fully and reasonably use mechanical equipment, the development speed of electric hoist in the lifting and transportation machinery industry has been greatly increased.The application of electric hoist in the machinery

  • May
    Comparison of power consumption between variable frequency electric hoist and ordinary electric hoist

    The frequency conversion electric hoist performs the lifting control operation of the object by adjusting the different frequency of the lifting object weight. The ordinary type of electric hoist generally refers to the lifting of the object at a fixed frequency. It is only from the power consumptio

  • May
    Pay attention to the receipt of the wire rope hoist after the arrival of the goods

    After purchasing the wire rope hoist, it is necessary to check and check immediately after receiving the goods to determine whether there is any missing or damaged. When you receive the wire rope hoist goods, you should check whether it is correct. If you find any missing, you need to consult the ma




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