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Electric Hoist

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  • Dec
    Summarize the power lifting system of electric hoist climbing frame

    The power lifting equipment of the electric hoist climbing frame is mainly electric hoist lifting, hydraulic lifting, and reducer extension screw lifting.The electric hoist uses a disc motor of the S2 working standard. Under the requirement that the temperature rise is not greater than 90K, the moto

  • Dec
    Safety rules of electric hoist knowledge points

    Lifting hoists can be divided into electric hoists and chain hoists according to their functions and needs. Because of their simple structure, convenient operation and low cost, they are widely used in machinery, chemical, light industry, railway and other industries. The safety rules of electric ho

  • Dec
    Inspection and preparation of electric hoist climbing frame before lifting

    Group crane electric hoist is based on the construction industry and oil construction needs, after changing part of the design, it is derived from HSZ type chain hoist, using disc brake motor to do work, planetary reducer decelerates, has compact structure, small size, Light weight, high hardness, l

  • Dec
    What are the skills in the use of electric hoist?

    There is no lack of such skills in the use of electric hoists. Mastering relevant skills can reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and improve work efficiency, as follows:1. It is strictly forbidden to hang the lifting objects in the air for a long time to prevent mechanical deformation.2. After

  • Dec
     Electric hoist operation quality standard

    The quality requirements of the moving hoist track installation technology: After the I-beam material has passed the acceptance, check the deformation during the transportation process, and correct it when the deviation is exceeded. Make the hanging parts strictly according to the atlas requirements

  • Dec
    Summarize the relevant regulations and operating environment requirements of the electric hoist state

    Wire rope electric hoist is widely used in factories, warehouses, docks, power stations, logging yards and other occasions. It is an ideal lifting equipment for lifting and handling items.The relevant regulations of the electric hoist state: the electric hoist is in the correct position, the wire ro

  • Dec
    Civilized construction and safe construction are equally important in electric hoist construction

    In the daily construction of electric hoists, civilized construction and safe construction have the same essence, but more prominent safety issues and more attention are paid, and civilized construction has a relatively weak understanding.Civilized construction measures: materials, machinery and equ

  • Dec
    Basic rules for safe operation of hoist

    The basic rules for safe operation of hoist are as follows:1. On-site managers should formulate "Safety Operation QC Standards" based on factors such as hoist lifting and hoisting objects installed on site and operating space. Operators should strictly follow the operation standards.2. Operators mus

  • Nov
    Harm and prevention of wire rope electric hoist crooked pulling and oblique crane

    One of the operating regulations of the wire rope electric hoist is “no slanted pulling and oblique hoisting”, but in the actual hoisting process, due to the quality of the construction personnel or objective conditions, the phenomenon of slanted pulling and oblique hanging is widespread. Once this

  • Nov
    What are the taboos for using electric hoist in flammable and explosive situations?

    There are many occasions where electric hoist is used. When using in flammable and explosive dangerous places, more attention should be paid to safety. Therefore, some minefields should be avoided. The taboos for using electric hoist in flammable and explosive situations are as follows:1. All electr




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