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How to adjust the wire rope electric hoist clutch?

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The wire rope electric hoist clutch needs a special detection device when measuring. The electric hoist has a compact structure and low voltage control is used in the electrical control to enhance safety. However, there are certain shortcomings. The clutch needs to be adjusted. We will adjust the method below. One description.


1: Open the gasket after disassembling the upper and lower covers of the gearbox.


2: Loosen the adjusting nut and remove it, and remove the position of the disc spring seat and the middle pressure plate.


3: Check whether the friction plate is severely damaged. If there are contaminants on it, be sure to remove the dirt on it immediately.


4: Disassemble the gear of the clutch, clean the friction plate, clean the surface after grinding with gauze, and then put it back in sequence.


5: After all the installation is completed, you can try to lift 1.3-1.6 times the load, from half-cut to positive load, and 25% overload, gradually tighten the adjustment nut, which is more flexible in the lifting work, which can reach more than 1.6 times.


After installation, perform a load test, all return to their positions, load test, and then it can be put into use





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