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How much is md1 single and double speed wire rope electric hoist hoist?

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MD1 wire rope electric hoist This electric hoist has two speeds, with two speeds, fast and slow, so how much can this electric hoist lift?


The normal speed of this electric hoist is (8m/min) and slow (0.8m/min). The lifting speed is very stable. It is especially used at slow speed and precise processing and engraving. It needs to be engraved with precision. It is suitable for precision processing industry, and can meet the surprise operation requirements such as loading and unloading and machine maintenance. It is very suitable for working in the temperature of -20-40 degrees Celsius.


The lifting weight of the md1 model wire rope electric hoist is 10 tons, which means that it can carry less than 10 tons. When choosing, you can determine how many tons and meters you need to use according to your own needs.


When in use, it can be fixedly installed, can be used in a fixed position, can also be installed on an I-beam to walk left and right, and can be used on bridge cranes, gantry cranes or cantilever cranes.

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