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Precautions for stopping electric hoist crane

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Electric hoist cranes need to pay attention to some matters when starting or stopping. Just like driving, there are steps to operate. First step on the brakes in gear, and then start to go. Similarly, let’s talk about what are the precautions for electric hoist cranes. .


1: When hoisting the goods, there should be no people under the goods to prevent the goods from falling and causing injury.


2: When storing, it should be kept properly, don't pile up, don't bump, and prevent moisture and rust.


3: The shell should be covered with a rain cover to prevent rain and rust after entering the fuselage.


4: When the surrounding environment is low, minus 10 degrees, the load is not equal to more than 50% of the rated load of the machine


5: The crane chain should be hung vertically, and its inclination should be kept within the range of no more than 10°-15° between the chain and the plumb line. The double-row chain should not be turned over and twisted. The chain should be replaced when the diameter reduction of the worn part of the chain reaches 10% of the original diameter. The chain must be replaced when plastic elongation reaches 5% of the original length. The chain is severely rusted and should not be used.


The precautions for starting up are the above, I hope it will be helpful to you.





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