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The use of electric chain hoist requires careful operation

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  The selection and application of electric chain hoist provides a convenient operation process for the lifting industry. Therefore, we should be responsible for the electric hoist. In order to extend its service life, we should pay attention to every detail. At this time, we need to be cautious. Operation, only in this way will the electric chain hoist give us feedback of greater benefits.

1. The electric hoist cannot be overloaded. This is the most basic and most critical place. It is important and easy to be overlooked, so we have repeatedly emphasized it.

2. The lifting chain can only lift heavy objects vertically without any deviation or any slippage, otherwise the electric hoist will easily fall.

3. After confirming that the heavy object is hung firmly, then lift it to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

4. Operate after confirming that the daily inspection work is accurate and correct to eliminate hidden dangers and reduce concerns.

5. The motor's endurance capacity is limited. Not only must we provide a suitable working voltage, but also the intermittent work of the motor to ensure the service life of the motor.

Although the quality of the electric chain hoist has been improved, it can only be said to provide an insurance for the safety of our operators. Its decisive factor is the correct operation and careful operation of our users, that is, we cannot be careless or reduce the requirements. 





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